Report to the Community: June 2018

The Eastside Jewish Commons is pleased to share some exciting news.

A few weeks ago, we learned of a property that our Board of Directors deemed to have significant potential as a site. After discussing the possibilities with community leaders in the field of property development, the EJC Board decided to take a formal step forward. We secured $200,000 in earnest money and entered into an agreement with the seller allowing us to purchase the property conditional upon a 90-day due diligence process. Based on the outcome of this due diligence, we will either go forward with the purchase or launch a more formal property search.

It is too early to provide details on the specific property. There are many questions remaining to be answered before we will know whether this site is viable. We will be assisted in the process by our consulting architects, FFA Architecture and Interiors. We are also being advised in the process by more than 12 Jewish partner organizations that are collaboratively participating in this project.

If all goes well, we will create an opportunity for community members to visit the property. Please let us know if you are interested in receiving a future property tour invite by sending us an email at

We will provide you with updates on the due diligence process. If you know of others who might be interested, please share this message. Feedback from the Eastside community will eventually play a decisive role.

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Shayna Liberman