Community leaders have long dreamed

about establishing Jewish space on Portland’s vibrant, rapidly expanding eastside. Now, in collaboration with 18 community partners, this dream is within reach.

Imagine entering a thriving hub of Jewish life on Portland’s eastside, where programs from throughout the regional Jewish community will be collaboratively housed under a single roof! Educational, cultural, and social programs. Shabbat and holiday observances. All ages programs: early childhood, teens, young adults, growing families, and older adults. Great food and drink!

Guided by timeless Jewish values, Eastside Jewish Commons (EJC) will create a lively and inclusive family and social gathering place with educational, cultural, spiritual, and recreational programming. The EJC will both serve and strengthen our community for generations to come.


Building Eastside Community

EJC has launched a major grassroots effort to find and engage Jewish residents on Portland’s eastside. Our effort includes leaders from multiple partner organizations as well as eastsiders with no existing affiliations. This is the first time in Portland’s history that such a wide eastside community building effort has been attempted, and we are taking care to document what we are learning about how best to serve Jewish life east of the Willamette River.



no synagogue affiliation

So far, 36% of our respondents have no affiliation with a synagogue. We expect that number to rise as we successfully reach additional households.



Jewish organizations

Though a high number of respondents do not have any affiliation with a synagogue, they do report an astonishingly high affiliation with Jewish organizations.



Addresses collected

To date, we have collected close to 1000 addresses from Jewish homes in Portland. The majority of these addresses come from eastside homes spanning North Portland to Lents.


How we get together

Guided by timeless Jewish values, the EJC will create a vibrant and inclusive family and social gathering place with educational, cultural, spiritual, and recreational programming.

While we work towards out goal to acquire a physical space, the Eastside Jewish Commons team will be organizing events to engage and build the Eastside community. We are looking forward to collaborating with our community partners and existing synagogues, as well as welcoming new faces to these events.


November 2017

The process of doing this project will have a transformative effect by promoting collaborations and engaging new Jewish leadership in combination with the Jewish community champions who have been leaders for many years

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Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved while we work towards a shared community space for the Eastside Jewish community. You can complete the community feedback form, share our website with friends and family, connect with us by signing up for our newsletter and/or following us on Facebook, or volunteer to help us with our upcoming events.