Report to the Community: November 2018

Dear Eastside Jewish Commons Community,

It’s almost Hanukkah, and when we think back over the past year, it has been incredibly productive for Eastside Jewish Commons. We have 14 Jewish organizations working actively with us on plans. We have secured important early investment. And we have put together a business plan that is getting very positive responses as we talk with supporters. A growing number of Eastside Jewish community stakeholders have signed on in support of the Commons as well.

As part of our conversations with Eastside stakeholders and community partners, we have been developing ideas of programs that EJC can make possible even before we have secured a permanent facility. These plans are still very actively in development, and we look forward to sharing more in early 2019.

At this exciting and creative time, we want to encourage you to take a step forward in your personal participation. There is a role for everybody to help bring this project to fruition.

Please click this link and take a moment to tell us a little bit about yourself and why an Eastside Jewish Commons matters to you. The information you share will help build a stronger picture of the diverse Eastside Jewish community and how the EJC will best meet our collective needs. We are also learning more and more about the commitment of our community to make something happen, starting now. And, as Hillel taught us, “if not now, when?”

In addition, we ask that you forward this to others. The more we can engage the eastside Jewish community, the easier it will be to reach our mission.

Thank you for doing your part to further a thriving Eastside Jewish community in Portland.

The Eastside Jewish Commons Board of Directors

Shayna Liberman